Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We are a non-profit organization that helps individuals get on the donor list, finding them the necessary organ and teaching donor awareness. Doug Lehman (founder of Doug’s Donors), received a kidney from an 18 year old young man when he and his buddy were killed in Omaha, Ne in a car accident. Doug and I are trying to stop some of the unnecessary deaths caused by individuals not getting on the organ list. As a dialysis nurse we only have time to get them on the machine and care for them. There is one social worker for 200 patients and it is her job to get them on the list. There are several things that need to be done. Get them to the dentist, podiatry, mental health and all their medical needs. This list goes on. People become sicker and sicker to the point it is too late to receive an organ and they give up or they choose to die.

I travel nursed most of my career doing dialysis and I was in Mason City, IA where they kept extending my contract and I was there a year and a half. There was so much loss of life. I had three days left on my contract and three patients had decided to get off dialysis. They were done. I was selfish and asked them to please wait until I left. They all waited in hopes of not breaking my heart, which of course was inevitable. I never did call to find out how long it took my good friends to die. Please help us save lives!

Twenty people die a day of kidney failure. 200 people are on dialysis alone in Sioux City, IA and 150 are pre-stage kidney failure and in one year they will either be on dialysis or deceased. We assist people in receiving other organ transplants.

Doug and Doug’s Donor staff have visited hundreds of patients and several patients have received transplants and now have a better quality and longevity of life, your volunteer time or financial support would be greatly appreciated.

Outreach Services

What We Do

We do patient outreach for those in need of an organ transplant, to lend support, to help them get on a transplant list, and even to help them to fill out necessary paperwork. We also provide information for those who are interested in becoming a living donor. We encourage everyone to mark “yes” on an organ donor card or when they get their driver’s license renewed.


How Your Donations Help

As founder and president, Doug Lehman does not receive any salary from Doug’s Donors. He never will. Any monies donated will potentially help with expenses to donors and donor recipients, such as but not limited to: consulting, transportation, prescriptions, lodging, lost wages, and some doctor and hospital expenses.


Jim’s Bells

With organ donation, so often the organ donor or the recipient is prayed for during the transplant process. To remember the organ donor’s family, Jim Langhorst has a little something called Jim’s bells. Prior to his kidney transplant and in the months after his transplant, Jim carried around a jingle bell in his pocket. Every time he heard it jingle, he would pray for his future donor and the donor’s family. Jim still hands out a jingle bell to those he meets, asking them to put it in their backpack, their car door or wherever, so that when they hear the jingle bell, it reminds them to pray for donors and their families. It’s the donor’s family who will miss their loved one at holidays and other family events. So the next time you hear a bell ring, pray for organ donors and their families.

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  • October 20, 2016 – Laughter is The Best Medicine at Country Celebrations Event Center 5606 Hamilton Blvd Sioux City Doors open at 4PM with Social Hour beginning at 4:30PM and Dinner at 6PM Silent Auction, Wine Tasting, Cash Bar, Silent Auction, Comedy, Guest Speaker MC Ron DeMers

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